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FRECA | Review: Saucy Domination At Barcelona

Updated: May 10

It was a spectacular weekend of FRECA as they raced again in support of F1 at Montmeló. Saucy imposed his domination as both David and Hadjar put on a show behind him.

Intro - Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine’s second round at Montmeló, Spain in support of Formula 1 was not quite like the Imola one: more overtakes and show were on offer during the weekend. All of these factors made the racing quite exciting, especially in Race 2.

Hadjar (with the green helmet) overtaking Minì during Race 2 |

| © 2021 Formula Regional European by Alpine

Q1 & Q2 – Not even the time of hitting the track, that there were already problems for R-ace’s Hadrien David (FRA). In Q1, he set a slow time thanks to a warming lap and then entered the pitlane, not going out anymore. He was bound to start P34, dead last. ART’s Grégoire Saucy (CHE) set Pole Positions in both Qualifying sessions. His first attempt in Q2, though, was indeed impressive. He had already put four tenths between himself and his teammate Gabriele Minì (ITA) in P2 at the time being and seven to Arden’s Alex Quinn (GBR) in P3.

Race 1, David’s Recovery - Coming now back to David, in Race 1 he recovered then 22 places, as he got to P12 at the end! The recovery he made was impressive on paper. Just on paper, because nothing was shown on TV of how he managed to climb up the order. The impression though, is that must have been spectacular also to watch. If only had it been possible.

Race 1, The First Lap – JD’s Dudú Barrichello (BRA) could not even get to the start of the race because he stopped on track during his out lap. It was also Van Amersfoort’s Francesco Pizzi (ITA) who suffered issues - this time with the gearbox – and lost ten places right at the start because of that. Then, two crashes followed. As from what was reported, in the back of the pack Arden’s Nicola Marinangeli (ITA) hit MP’s Kas Haverkort (NED) at turn 7. G4’s Belén García (SPA) then spun as she hit the brakes very hard to avoid other contacts. Marinangeli ended in the gravel, with Haverkort retiring in the pits. Just two corners after, Prema’s David Vidales (SPA) did not seem to see FA’s Gabriel Bortoleto (BRA) behind him. He was touched by the Brazilian and ended in the barriers at turn 9. Bortoleto managed anyway to finish the race P23. Marinangeli then received a 3-place grid penalty for Race 2. García then received a 25-second penalty for not being in correct position at the safety car line 1.

Race 1, Beganovic’s Tough Re-Start – The safety car was out for almost half of the race, coming in at the 16th minute. Prema’s Dino Beganovic (SWE) had a difficult restart. He suffered a brilliant overtake for P7 from R-ace’s Isack Hadjar (FRA) and then started to slip down the order. He then ended having contact at the entry of turn 3 with MP’s Franco Colapinto (ARG), with FA’s Andrea Rosso (ITA) losing places in order to avoid them. Beganovic eventually finished P15, while the Argentinian retired and received a 3-place grid penalty for Race 2. G4’s Alessandro Famularo (VEN) spun at turn 2 at the 23rd minute and then he too joined the list of retirements, along with DR’s Emidio Pesce (ITA) 4 minutes later who suffered technical issues. Full results reported below.

Race 1 Results | © 2021 Formula Regional European by Alpine

Race 2 – Taking place on the day of FA’s Alexandre Bardinon (FRA)’s birthday (the French turns 19 so happy Birthday to him!), Race 2 saw again two crashes during the first lap. García and Monolite’s Jasin Ferati (CHE) made contact at turn 3. Then at turn 5, David moved down the inside of Colapinto too late to realise there was no more room left, they made contact and then came Vidales hitting the rear of Colapinto. The three of them all retired. KIC’s Elias Seppänen (FIN) suffered a technical issue and retire at the 24th minute. One minute later, García ran over the sausage and went off at the last corner, managing to get going again. After the race, Bortoleto received a 10-second time penalty for overtaking during formation lap.

From left to right: Hadjar overtaking Aron during Race 2 |

| © 2021 Formula Regional European by Alpine

Race 2, Hadjar’s show – Hadjar took advantage of Minì’s difficult start to put himself right on his tale. He got the better of the Italian at the safety car restart at the 12th minute, by keeping the inside at the entry of turn 3 after he switched back lines all of a sudden on the main straight. Fourth place was conquered, but his race pace proved that was not enough for him. The duel with third place Prema’s Paul Aron (EST) took a longer time, with Aron defending the inside line on the main straight really well. It was actually a mistake from the Estonian what eventually allowed Hadjar to get through right at the end. Aron ran wide at turn 1, rejoined the track in front but Hadjar carried more speed on corner entry and brought home a sensational podium.

Race 2 Results | © 2021 Formula Regional European by Alpine

The Drivers’ Words – After three wins out of four races this season, Saucy looks hungrier for more: ”And now, focus on the next weekend in two weeks in the magic track of Monaco.”

Van Amersfoort’s Mari Boya was the Spaniard who got the most points from his home race, 10 in total with a P5 finish in Race 1. He also had a great Q1 with P3 but then suffered a front wing damage at the start of Q2 which relegated him P31: “I am happy with the results obtained this weekend. Sure, it would have been great to score some more points, but I am really satisfied with the pace and the performance we had at home. We are where we want to be, and we just have to keep working like this to have more positive performances on track. I thank the team for their huge effort they make so we can be at these positions. Also, thanks to my family, my coach and to everyone who came to the track to watch us race.”

Weekend Resume | © sebmotors.info 2021

Drivers' Standings | © sebmotors.info 2021

Constructors' Standings | © sebmotors.info 2021

Rookies' Standings | © sebmotors.info 2021

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