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FRECA | Review: Colapinto & Belov Shine In Valencia

"Unusual" is the word that could perfectly sum up this week-end: unusual because we did not see a dominating Grégoire Saucy as we were seeing all season long. Apart from who was the winner, the Valencian week-end was marked by a general lack of grip and by a struggle to create overtake manoeuvres which was greater than the previous events.

MP's Franco Colapinto during Friday Practice | © 2021 - Formula Regional European by Alpine

Qualifying 1: The Red Flag - A red flag ushered the Valencia week-end, with KIC's Nico Göhler (GER) ending in the gravel at Aspar (turn 1). The action resumed five minutes later and apart from R-ace's Hadrien David (FRA) ending in the gravel too at the very end of the session (which did not cause a further interruption) there was no other mistake from the drivers.

Results from Qualifying 1 | © 2021 - Formula Regional European by Alpine

Qualifying 1: The Results - It is two poles in a row for MP's Franco Colapinto (ARG) after having got his first one in Austria. Two Spanish drivers made it into the top 3 on Spanish soil! They were Prema's David Vidales and Van Amersfoort's Mari Boya. P7 from R-ace's Isack Hadjar (FRA) was an interesting result: as both the leading French teams (ART Grand Prix & R-ace GP) struggled. The championship leader ART's Grégoire Saucy (SWI) managed to qualify tenth despite suffering a front suspension issue.

Results from Race 1 | © 2021 - Formula Regional European by Alpine

Race 1: Qui Gladio Ferit Gladio Perit - KIC's Gianluca Petecof (BRA) changed engine and started therefore from last place. After the lights turned green, there was a nice duel between the leaders. Colapinto used again the same strategy of Austria's Race 2: after the get-away, he suddenly changed his line by putting himself in front of his opponent at the start. Vidales entered Aspar (turn 1) on the outside and then switched back on Colapinto, overtaking the Argentinian on his way into Doohan (turn 2). "Qui gladio ferit gladio perit" (the one who kills with a sword, will be killed by a sword) used to say the Romans: this time Colapinto used the switch-back move to his favour on the exit of Doohan to end a not-so-long-lasting lead from Vidales.

Vidales leading with Colapinto on his tail | © 2021 - Formula Regional European by Alpine

Race 1: The Results - Some graphics' issue from the event organiser (SRO Motorsports) made it tough and uncomfortable to follow the session: the drivers' names were moving up and down the order so that one could not exactly tell where a driver was during the race. In the end Colapinto won in front of the two Spaniards Vidales and Boya. Great drive from the R-ace's Barbadian Zane Maloney who recovered four places and ended eighth.

Results from Qualifying 2 | © 2021 - Formula Regional European by Alpine

Qualifying 2 - G4's Michael Belov (RUS) stole the show: he got pole position in front of Saturday's protagonist Franco Colapinto and behind the both of them was the championship leader Grégoire Saucy. The only driver's-mistake was FA's Alexandre Bardinon (FRA) -who qualified 21st- spinning at Aspar at the end of the session. This spin caused a "Full course yellow" which was the cause of Prema's Dino Beganovic (SWE) lap time being cancelled: his lap was good enough for fourth, although the FCY came two seconds before the Swede could come across the finish line. According to the driver there was no way he could realise there was an FCY during that short period of time. Nevertheless, his time got cancelled and he qualified 14th.

Results from Race 2 | © 2021 - Formula Regional European by Alpine

Race 2: A Clean Start - The race gets underway with a clean start from everyone. With 24 minutes to the end FA's Gabriel Bortoleto (BRA) gets overtaken by Maloney who pushes off the Brazilian into the gravel just a bit, eventually losing also to Mari Boya. One lap later the Swede Ferrari junior Dino Beganovic slowed down on the main straight, he then got back into the pits and rejoined but was forced to retire later in the race.

Race 2: Italian Things - It was an intense race for Monolite's Pietro Delli Guanti (ITA) as he was pushed off onto the gravel by his fellow national Van Amersfoort's Francesco Pizzi while racing for P16, getting then overtaken by another Italian - FA's Andrea Rosso - for 17th on the final lap. In between those two moments, a safety car had come out after the new entry MP's Dilano van't Hoff (NED) missed his braking point at turn 11 and hit Monolite's José Garfias (MEX) along the way, while the two of them were fighting for P26.

Race 2: The Results - Ultimately Belov won in front of Colapinto and Saucy. P4 Hadjar was the best rookie and under-17 driver, followed in these standings by Bortoleto in ninth and ART's Gabriele Minì (ITA) in tenth. The two Spanish drivers Vidales and Boya delivered again on home soil by finishing in the top-10, fifth and seventh respectively.

MP's Colapinto after winning Race 1 | © 2021 Franco Colapinto

Here is what a driver who surprised once more - Franco Colapinto - said about Sunday's sessions: "Qualy was compromised due to yellow flags so couldn’t put a good lap in. An average start and then was just very difficult to get close enough to try something. A win and a second place is still very positive, we will go for more soon!"

Below you can find the updated standings. Saucy has still got his big margin on David, with Hadjar now calmer in the rookies' standings. Naturally both Colapinto and Belov recovered places, they are sixth and tenth respectively:

FRECA Drivers' Standings

1 Grégoire Saucy 🇨🇭 ART 239

2 Hadrien David 🇫🇷 R-ace 161

3 Zane Maloney 🇧🇧 R-ace 149

4 Isack Hadjar 🇫🇷 R-ace 123

5 Paul Aron 🇪🇪 Prema 121

6 Franco Colapinto 🇦🇷 MP 116

7 Gabriele Minì 🇮🇹 ART 110

8 Alex Quinn 🇬🇧 Arden 104

9 David Vidales 🇪🇸 Prema 86

10 Michael Belov 🇷🇺 G4 80

11 William Alatalo 🇫🇮 Arden 77

12 Patrik Pasma 🇫🇮 ART 56

13 Mari Boya 🇪🇸 Van Amersfoort 51

14 Gabriel Bortoleto 🇧🇷 FA 28

15 Thomas ten Brinke 🇳🇱 ART 28

16 Dino Beganovic 🇸🇪 Prema 25

17 Kas Haverkort 🇳🇱 MP 16

18 Andrea Rosso 🇮🇹 FA 14

19 Francesco Pizzi 🇮🇹 Van Amersfoort 12

20 Pietro Delli Guanti 🇮🇹 Monolite 10

21 Dexter Patterson 🇬🇧 Monolite 6

22 Oliver Goethe 🇩🇰 MP 3

23 Elias Seppänen 🇫🇮 KIC 1

sebmotors.info's U17 award: 4 Isack Hadjar 🇫🇷 R-ace 123

FRECA Teams' Standings

1 R-ace GP 🇫🇷 390

2 ART Grand Prix 🇫🇷 372

3 Prema Powerteam 🇮🇹 227

4 Arden 🇬🇧 181

5 MP Motorsport 🇳🇱 134

6 G4 Racing 🇨🇭 80

7 Van Amersfoort Racing 🇳🇱 63

8 KIC Motorsport 🇫🇮 46

9 FA Racing 🇪🇸 42

10 Monolite Racing 🇮🇹 16

FRECA Rookies’ Standings

1 Isack Hadjar 🇫🇷 R-ace 123

2 Gabriele Minì 🇮🇹 ART 110

3 Mari Boya 🇪🇸 Van Amersfoort 51

4 Gabriel Bortoleto 🇧🇷 FA 28

5 Thomas ten Brinke 🇳🇱 ART 28

6 Dino Beganovic 🇸🇪 Prema 25

7 Kas Haverkort 🇳🇱 MP 16

8 Andrea Rosso 🇮🇹 FA 14

9 Francesco Pizzi 🇮🇹 Van Amersfoort 12

10 Pietro Delli Guanti 🇮🇹 Monolite 10

11 Dexter Patterson 🇬🇧 Monolite 6

12 Oliver Goethe 🇩🇰 MP 3

13 Elias Seppänen 🇫🇮 KIC 1

You can re-watch the sessions in the links below, with the next round in Mugello (Italy) which will take place on October 9th:

-Qualifying 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnOU2S29C7Y ;

-Race 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_V1jx2SM4I&t=1124s ;

-Qualifying 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wc_IjzQkHQY ;

-Race 2:

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