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FRECA | Red Bull Ring: Race 2's Results Freezed For Reiterated Track Limits' Infractions

Updated: Sep 17

[UPDATE 2021/09/17: Race 2's results have changed: Colapinto penalised, Saucy wins.]

Still no official results of Race 2 were released, nor updated standings, as an unprecedented situation shook the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine at the Red Bull Ring. Too many drivers would have abused the track limits, for which there would be too many circumstances to be reviewed, the race direction claimed.

The Bull Of Spielberg | © sebmotors.info 2021

As better resumed here, the race was won lights-to-flag by MP's Franco Colapinto (ARG). Behind him there were the championship leader ART's Grégoire Saucy (SWI) and FA's Gabriel Bortoleto (BRA). A crash at the start between R-ace's Hadrien David (FRA) and G4's Michael Belov (RUS) might very possibly have changed how the top-5 would have looked like.

Behind them there were nice battles between both R-ace's Maloney (BRB) and Hadjar (FRA) for P4, Prema's Beganovic (SWE) and Monolite's Delli Guanti (ITA) for P6, both Arden's Quinn (UK) and Alatalo (FIN) for P8. ART's Gabriele Minì (ITA) had to deal with both the Brit from Arden while attacking him for P9 and with Prema's David Vidales (SPA) as after a strenuous defence he was overtaken by the Spaniard for P10.

There is now a great await for whatever the outcome of this story will actually be as still four days after the event (this article is being published on the Thursday after the race) no official communication by the championship has been made on the matter.

You can re-watch the full race here:

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