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Formula Regional | Who is Minì For Real?

Updated: Mar 16

As the Italian Minì has now signed with ART GP for a campaign in Formula Regional, let’s take a look at why his move is really interesting.

Gabriele Minì, winner of the Italian F4 Championship with 4 race victories in his bag, has today signed with ART GP for a Formula Regional season in 2021.

Gabriele Minì | © Joan Codina – FotoFormulaK

The 'rookie badge' that he brought during the 2020 season in the Italian F4 is actually one of the most interesting points in his pedigree. He was able to take the crown home against a fierce competition: there were three F1 racing teams' academy drivers in Dino Beganovic (Ferrari, 3rd in the standings), Jonny Edgar and Jak Crawford (both Red Bull, 4th and 6th) and eleven (!!) different winners through the course of the year. It must be highlighted that both Edgar and Crawford missed two rounds (and so six races) of the championship because of clashing schedules with German F4. With that being said, the Sicilian driver is still not signed for a team academy yet.

Gabriele Minì, Prema, Italian F4 | ©1997-2019 Boxer S.r.L. (motorbox.com)

Furthermore - with him being 15 years old (16 in March)- Gabriele is also one of the youngest F4 champions we had in 2020 if we compare him to Kas Haverkort (Spanish champion, 17), Ayumu Iwasa (French champion, 17), Jonny Edgar (German champion, 17 in a few weeks' time) and Luke Browning (British champion, 18). Is this going to be his secret weapon in Formula Regional? Maybe we'll see that soon...

Source: https://twitter.com/F1FeederSeries1/status/1352164784125390849

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