• Luigi Sebastiano De Blasi

Formula Regional | We Are Done With FRECA Pre-Season Testing

The last FRECA's pre-season testing session in Le Castellet has been completed today. The menu today offers a resume of this (and sadly, no pizza).

A Formula 3 Pizza | © Dudú Barrichello's Instagram Profile instagram.com/dudubarrichello/

The young French Isack Hadjar - who got up to third in French Formula 4 last year - is starting to make a good impression to the whole paddock. Of course, things cannot be judged with no race done yet. But what a start that is for the teen who is getting to the season opener with a nice treble in the bag: fastest 16 years old, fastest rookie & fastest driver of the whole field!

For his team - R-Ace GP - it is all smiles right now. But that is not just because of Isack. But because of having placed three cars in the top 4: Hadjar, Hadrien David (FRA) in third and the Barbados' pride Zane Maloney in fourth. Arden also wanted to make a statement: William Alatalo (FIN) and Alex Quinn (GBR) placed themselves right behind that group. A very consistent Grégoire Saucy (SWI) is also included, as he interrupted the R-Ace GP dominance by placing its car in second place.

Top 10 Timings Overall | © sebmotors.info 2021

With the Swiss Léna Bühler missing her second testing session due to a right hand injury suffered during the first week in Imola, it was the Dutch W-Series' racer Beitske Visser who stepped in. And she did amazingly well as she was right in the middle of the pack in P19. Will womens' competitiveness in motorsport get better in the future? There is plenty of hope indeed this will happen!

Meanwhile, Léna is expected to be back for the season opener in Imola on 16th-18th of April. This is where the next episode of the saga will take place. And it will do so along with Formula 1! Cannot wait!

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