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Formula Regional | Race 2: Saucy Avoids Clashes Behind Him To Take Win

Updated: May 2

In a very similar way to what had happened yesterday with Vidales in race 1, Saucy won the race managing it beautifully from the start to the finish. The clash between Quinn and Beganovic attracted a lot of attention but no action was taken by the stewards.

Hadrien David (FRA)'s slow start | © 2021 Formula Regional European by Alpine

The start was tragic for R'ace GP's Hadrien David (FRA) who was on the front row alongside the polesitter Grégoire Saucy (CHE) from ART GP and almost stalled on the grid. He managed to keep it going but then could not keep close to the Frenchman in front.

Jasin Ferati (CHE) | © 2021 Formula Regional European by Alpine

Another pivotal moment from lap 1 was the duel between R-ace GP's Zane Maloney (BAR) and Prema's David Vidales (ESP), with the Spaniard being pushed on the grass at the exit of Tosa and consequently losing some places and being out of the podium contention. The first lap also saw Arden's Alex Quinn (GBR) mastering a gritty move on R-ace GP's Isack Hadjar (FRA) for sixth place (fifth after Vidales lost places). Monolite's Jasin Ferati (CHE) brought out the first Safety Car period by spinning at Tamburello.

Alex Quinn (GBR) & Dino Beganovic (SWE) | © 2021 Formula Regional European by Alpine

At the 14th minute of the race, Quinn proved again his grit by trying to get every inch possible from Prema's Dino Beganovic (SWE). Then Beganovic locked up at the entry of Piratella while being side to side with the British man and could not avoid the impact. Quinn ended his race stuck in the gravel while Beganovic was able to come back to the pits for a front wing repair. The clash was evaluated by the stewards as a racing incident for which “no driver was wholly or predominantly to blame”. The Safety Car was deployed again with Monolite's Pietro Delli Guanti (ITA) stopping on track right afterwards for a non-specified issue on his car.

After the second safety car period, Hadjar had a tough restart, having a sudden loss of pace which cost him three places and then went off at Rivazza three minutes from the end. He ended his race P12.

Nico Göhler (GER) | © 2021 Formula Regional European by Alpine

No image of that was shown on TV, but FA's Alexandre Bardinon (FRA) and KIC's Nico Göhler (GER) had a clash at Tosa which left the German with a broken right-front suspension while the Frenchman first spun and then got back on track. DR Formula's Emidio Pesce (ITA) retired in the last bits of the race but it was not reported what led him into retirement. Below are the graphics with the top 10 from the finishing order, the drivers' standings, the constructors' standings and the rookies' standings.

Top 10 from Race 2 | © sebmotors.info 2021

Drivers' Standings | © sebmotors.info 2021

Constructors' Standings | © sebmotors.info 2021

Rookies' Standings | © sebmotors.info 2021

You can also find a brief resume of the race here on TikTok:

The full race replay is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWhyaX7RMBk&t=2063s , with the next meeting being on May 7th-9th at Barcelona, Catalunya.

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Cover image: © 2021 Formula Regional European by Alpine

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