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Euroformula Open | Preview: Trulli Switches Teams At His Home Race in Imola

Updated: Jul 23

Update of July 23rd: Branden Lee Oxley (UK) joins Drivex coming straight from Spanish F4 as a replacement for the empty seat left there by Enzo Trulli.

We briefly move away from all the action at Spa-Francorchamps to see Euroformula Open back in Imola after a hectic weekend in Budapest and a two-week’s break. Furthermore, if we thought we could have some rest from driver-transfers… this is not going to happen as new faces are coming to Imola too!

Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari | © 2021 - Formula Regional European by Alpine

Many things happened in Budapest, with the weather changing in the blink of an eye, championship contenders crashing and new faces on the podium. But possibly, there may be more to come in Imola. In the links and in the embed below there are the highlights from the 3 races, while here are the updated standings after the Budapest meeting.

Race 1’s Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Kb4E60oy8I ;

Race 2’s Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yPcGk4rxtU ;

Race 3’s Highlights:

The home man Enzo Trulli moved to Carlin! After having missed the Hungarian round for financial reasons, apparently there was no agreement reached between Trulli’s management and his previous team, Drivex. This led Enzo to look somewhere else and here they are Trulli and Carlin racing together for Enzo’s home race in Imola. Euroformula Open is heading twice in Italy this year, as they will also be reaching Monza in two months’ time, but Imola is closer to his hometown Pescara, in Abruzzo, at the centre of the Italian peninsula and facing the Adriatic Sea. His words are reported in the following: “I’m happy to be with Carlin this weekend for my home event. We are focusing on building up a good relationship and getting up to speed quickly. It would be great to have a good result at home.”

Enzo Trulli (IT) | © 2021 Carlin

His team manager Trevor Carlin (UK) added: “We are pleased to have Enzo with us this weekend in Imola. It will be a steep learning curve to get to know each other quickly and get to the grips with our car, but Enzo is a really bright young driver so I have real confidence it will be a positive experience. We’re looking forward to working with him this weekend and hopefully for future races.”

[Update of July 23rd: Branden Lee Oxley (UK) joins Drivex coming straight from Spanish F4 as a replacement for the empty seat left there by Enzo Trulli.]

This obviously leaves a free seat at Drivex which are expected to announce a second driver in the next few days. Last time in Hungary it was the Italian F4 driver Joshua Duerksen (PY) to be chosen as a temporary replacement. He was not caught unprepared though: the Paraguayan driver got a podium and two top-10 finishes in an amazing display of performance for being just his first official weekend in a Formula 3 car. Albeit it is still to be seen who that replacement will be for this weekend though.

Thence, another FIA Formula 3 driver is joining the Euroformula Open roster: it is the Czech Roman Staněk Jr. which will join Motopark this weekend alongside the two Americans Jak Crawford and Cameron Das. The reasons for the absence of the driver which Staněk is replacing – Keszthelyi Vivien (HU) – were not revealed though.

The streaming timings with the respective time zones are listed in the Instagram post above. Starting from Qualifying on Saturday, you can watch everything live here: https://www.youtube.com/user/EuroFormulaOpen/videos .

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