• Luigi Sebastiano De Blasi

BREAKING | FRECA | Colapinto Withdraws After "Unfair" Decision from the Stewards

The team MP Motorsport has decided - in agreement with the driver Franco Colapinto (ARG) - to withdraw the event. The decision was taken after knowing about the impossibility to appeal the disqualification received from Qualifying and the exclusion from Race 1 after "Technical nonconformity" (quote from FRECA's official press release) in Qualifying.

These are Colapinto's words on the case: "Well, what to say... had one of the most pathetic moments of my career. We went to scrutineering after qualifying and then we got disqualified for an incredibly minor infringement."

"Basically, they checked the steering rack in parc fermé and found that the two small spacers which were both installed on the car, were the wrong way round, giving no performance advantage, and not making ANY difference to the car, or to the lock I could use, or to the safety. It was exactly the same. We got disqualified, excluded from one of the races and having to start dead last in the other race. A penalty which was super harsh on me and my team. We were NOT allowed to appeal the decision or to defend ourselves (decided by the championship)."

"We’ve felt that what happened today was extremely unfair from Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine so we decided with the team to withdraw."

The Argentinian further added: "I am devastated for not being able to race here in Monaco. I’ve been looking forward to this race, and I enjoyed driving on the track even though our time was very limited. The car felt great over the entire weekend and we had a strong qualifying which gave us high hopes for the races, but unfortunately, I won’t get the chance to prove myself on this circuit and I feel really sorry for my backers from MP and ROFGO. This was a special weekend for ROFGO because of the livery of my car being in Gulf Oil International's iconic colours. I am now focusing on the next challenges ahead."

Header: Franco Colapinto in Monaco | © 2021 Franco Colapinto

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